Transparent IT services, IT key figures and IT costs

Your digital journey is unique - where can itpilot® support you?

Quickly create an IT structure with itpilot® as software-as-a-service

itpilot® enables a comprehensive IT current recording including dependencies, weak points and suitable measures for the further development of your IT. In this way, you can make your use of resources transparent and see whether your IT costs are reasonable . The IT structuring with itpilot® can, for example, also form the basis for your IT emergency concept. With transparent IT services, you can track your digitization progress!

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We were fed up with the unstructured nature of IT

That is why we developed our itpilot® methodology . The IT analysis with itpilot® enables IT management to take a web-based inventory of all IT services in the company - for a better overview of IT with central IT service management.

The company's IT is structured in a sensible and simple manner and its construction plan is comprehensively documented. With itpilot®, the monetary and personnel expenses can be assigned to each IT service, thus calculating the IT costs and assessing the need for action.

Generate useful IT key figures without a lot of additional effort

With itpilot®, IT can finally provide meaningful IT key figures for IT controlling and important management decisions: to use resources sensibly and to be at the forefront of the digital transformation with the right projects. An industry-wide comparison with the key figures of other companies is also possible.