With itpilot® provide a structured approach to your customers’ IT operations

Based on our many years of experience in the MSP business, with itpilot® we have developed an IT analysis methodology with which managed service providers can structure their customers’ IT operation more efficiently both during onboarding and ongoing operations. After all, it is not uncommon for IT service providers to have unpleasant surprises when IT services are inadequately documented.

Approach IT operations for your customers in a structured manner with itpilot®

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For us as a manged service provider, the itpilot® structure and method is the linchpin of our work- especially when we take on operational responsibility for our customers. That is why we offer our methodology as software-as-a-service for managed service providers.

David Hofstätter, Senior IT Consultant

Current tip from David: Document responsibilities

Do you know the situation, too? Your customer wants you to take over certain areas of their IT as a service provider. But you find it difficult to clarify who is responsible for the various IT services and their fields of activity.

We go through the uniformly defined fields of activity for each IT service using the itpilot® IT service list: administration, configuration, evaluation & planning, installation, L1 / L2 / L3 support, monitoring, order management, testing, updates and vendor management, and then document who is responsible for which field of activity.

The advantage: In this way everyone knows who is responsible for what, and where responsibilities lie!

Uniform documentation structure for all customers – for efficient support

Central organization of your existing customers in one tool and professional onboarding

Comprehensive documentation of your IT – for quality management, documentation guidelines and ticketing

Foundation of your customer relations – for new sales opportunities, tailor-made offers and profitable projects

Uniform modeling of the IT landscape – for realistic managed service contracts

Documentation of processes and responsibilities

Create the basis for onboarding – for real operational responsibility

Anyone who knows the existing IT landscape can take responsibility for external operations, on the basis of a secure, communicated foundation, with detailed documentation including tasks and expenses.

itpilot® enables the Survey of IT services including service level agreements (SLAs), so that open construction sites become transparent, providing a concrete action plan of detailed scope, responsibility and locations.

IT onboarding process

With the help of Onboarding checklists all information is available at a glance, for the Onboarding of new customers – including passwords, details of the maintenance contract and licenses.

Checklist: IT Services

Act as a trusted advisor

itpilot® makes customer IT transparent and highlights weak points as well as potential, because the concept of an external IT manager only works with a comprehensive overview of the customer’s IT services. On the basis of a substantive data pool, Managed Services Providers can realistically act as Trusted Advisors.

Take operational responsibility

itpilot® enables IT service providers to take on external operational responsibility for their customers despite increasingly complex infrastructures. At the same time, a basis is created for the well-founded further development of customer IT.

Support risk management – in the event of a crisis

itpilot® documents the construction plan of customer IT, ideally outside the company network. It enables rapid rebuilding, for example, after cyber attacks, and thus the customer’s ability to act.

Lower IT costs

itpilot® makes IT costs, in particular the existing “Eh-da” costs, for each IT service transparent and correlates this to IT performance and Its contribution to the company.

Use cross-industry IT benchmarks

itpilot® enables every customer to benefit from cross-industry pooled knowledge and the Key figures (KPIs) across all itpilot® customers.

Use and plan resources sensibly

itpilot® collects key figures such as personnel expenses per IT service. In this way ongoing IT operations can be maintained even if key employees fail, and tasks can be identified that have to be taken on externally.