IT service based IT action plan

IT service based IT action plan

With a structured overview of all IT services in the company, you can see at a glance where there is more acute need for action and which IT services you can, for example, outsource to the cloud.

itpilot® supports your decisions regarding In- and outsourcing and provides the basis for structured further development with a comprehensive IT action plan.

Identify critical IT services and create an IT action plan

itpilot® not only makes the weak points in the company’s IT transparent, but also clearly shows with its traffic light system which IT applications or components are particularly critical. IT services marked in red require immediate action. The ones marked yellow require action, but are not currently time-critical. When it comes to green IT services, the company is on the safe side.

IT action plan: prioritize according to budget and plan IT outsourcing

Weak points in IT are clearly defined and priorities can be set. A well-founded IT action plan helps avoid unnecessary use of resources, expenditure of time, and frustration. A clear basis is available for working with an external service provider, on which decisions can be made about the in- and outsourcing of your company’s IT components.

Use itpilot® to create an action plan for the further development of your IT – this is how it works

1. Free itpilot® test access request

2. Enter your company’s master data in itpilot®

3. First entry of your IT services in itpilot® (time required: approx. 2 hours)

4. If necessary: Request itpilot® support

5. Evaluation of your IT services in itpilot® (effort: 1-2 hours)

6. Identification of critical IT services and IT dependencies

7. Overview of IT resources and estimated downtime costs

8. Prioritized action plan