IT controlling and TBM with transparent IT key figures

How does your IT support your digitization and business processes?

With the increasing digitization of processes in companies IT departments play an increasingly important role in a company’s success. With the TBM solution itpilot®, the IT department can deliver specific IT metrics that are relevant to both general and IT management.

Medium-sized companies in particular often lack the right tools to record IT metrics and thus assess IT costs and measure IT efficiency. If effective IT controlling should be introduced and thus IT’s contribution to added value controlled, companies require these key figures together with specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

itpilot® creates the basis for establishing a Technology Business Management (TBM) in companies, as a basis for business decisions and for the strategic further development of IT. This is necessary in order to fully exploit the potential of IT, minimize risks and remain capable of effective action.

Progress in digitization becomes apparant from assessment to assessment. In addition, an industry-wide comparison of the key figures of other companies is possible (IT benchmarking).

Meaningful IT key figures for IT and management

itpilot® delivers meaningful IT metrics (such as acquisition and operating costs, but also service level agreements (SLAs), use of resources and personnel) for IT management and management.

With these evaluation criteria for the services of the company IT and corresponding Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) the achievement of goals in IT projects is also traceable during operation.

In addition to purely cost-oriented IT controlling, itpilot® also makes IT transparent on the performance level and shows the contribution of IT to the company’s added value.

Future-oriented IT development with Technology Business Management (TBM)

  • Can you assess which IT services can be outsourced to an external service provider or to the cloud?
  • Do you know which “Eh-da” efforts are eliminated? And are you prepared for a crisis?

With the comprehensive overview of IT costs and IT services and the corresponding key figures, even small and medium-sized companies can successfully approach technology business management and thus make informed decisions regarding their IT.

That way, risks can be better assessed. However, in the event of a crisis at the latest, for example in the event of a cyber attack, an analyzed infrastructure quickly becomes a lifesaver. itpilot® can be a central instrument here for recognizing dependencies and initiating processes for recovery. A precise knowledge of your own IT helps to get all important services up and running again quickly and to save valuable time.

Last but not least, if important employees fail, IT operations can continue to be maintained if the precise responsibilities for IT services are known or personnel resources have been planned sensibly and redundantly.

Standardized IT as-is recording

  • itpilot® shows that Current state of IT – With standardized categorization of IT services so that no services are forgotten and a generally understandable definition of IT services is based.
  • itpilot® creates the basis for outsourcing IT services to the cloud or outsourcing individual IT services to external service providers

Relevant IT metrics

  • itpilot® enables the clear recording of key figures (IT costs, personnel resources, etc.) and the individual assessment of the relevance of the IT service for business operations.

Thoughtful dependencies

  • itpilot® automatically makes the interdependencies of the IT services visible.

Clear dashboard and management reports

  • itpilot® shows the results in a clear dashboard as a management report.