Fed up with the unstructured nature of IT?

What would you like to use the standardization of your IT services with itpilot® for?

With itpilot® carry out a comprehensive IT actualization.

  • Record and document hardware / software, cloud components and infrastructure.
  • Correlate and organise IT costs and employee resources.
  • Use sensible IT action plan for further beneficial development of IT.

With itpilot®, generate meaningful IT indicators for IT controlling.

  • Create the basis for business decisions
  • Track advances in digitization
  • Undertake Industry-wide comparison with the key figures of other companies
Use transparent IT services

Which IT services do I have and what is the monthly cost?

What does my IT cost and how have ours IT costs developed?

In which IT services do an acute need for action exist?

How do the costs compare within the industry ?

Who is responsible for which IT services and which devices are used for which IT service?

How do I introduce and manage IT controlling effectively?

Which guaranteed recovery times do I have and what do they depend on?

How can IT operations continue if employees are missing?

Which IT services are business critical and what happens if an IT services fails?

Which IT services can we be outsourced in the cloud ?

What happens, if I move one IT service into the cloud or at a software introduction?

What happens in a crisis – for example, in a cyber attack?

Have I documented my IT blueprint for the event of a crisis?

How far are we with the digitalization ?

IT structure and transparent IT costs
for the IT department

  • IT invested effort and IT costs for management at a glance!
  • Sound basis for IT tenders or
    cooperation with external IT service providers!

IT key figures and IT controlling
for the management

  • Exploit IT potential at reasonable IT costs
    and minimize risks!
  • Provide sustainable development for companies with the right digitization projects!