IT benchmarking and further development of IT services

How to document your own digitization progress
and compare your IT metrics across the industry

IT benchmarking with itpilot® enables an industry-internal and cross-industry performance comparison – especially the Comparison of IT costs. IT benchmarking is therefore an important instrument for analyzing IT structure and developing strategies. Small and medium-sized companies particularly, benefit from the application of IT benchmarks.

With every further itpilot® assessment you can see where you are on your digital journey and how your IT services have developed. Your company’s own IT history shows clearly what you have already achieved and where further potential lies.

IT benchmarking: benefit from pooled knowledge

By examining key IT figures and key performance indicators in relation to those of comparable companies, you can see whether, for example, the number of your IT services or the costs per IT service are in the customary range. On the basis of the informative itpilot® data pool, you can further develop your IT in a meaningful way.

Make use of the experience and know-how of itpilot® methodology to optimize your IT structure and your IT costs. Start right away with IT benchmarking!

IT benchmarking 2020 - IT cost comparison