Comprehensive IT status report with standardized IT service list

IT actualization with a standardized IT service list

With itpilot®, a standardized IT service list is available for the IT as-is recording for the first time. In this way, even small and medium-sized companies can record and evaluate their IT services without much effort.

IT inventory of all IT services and IT documentation: the blueprint for your IT

As an IT service provider, we missed a standard for IT structuring for a long time which led to the development of itpilot® methodology. Because many companies don’t have a complete blueprint for their IT and often don’t even know where to start when recording their IT for the first time. In the event of IT manager absense, for example, companies are left without documentation of their IT.

With itpilot® you can record all IT services in the company using a standardized list of more than 250 IT services. You probably have more IT services, i.e. hardware / software, cloud and infrastructure components, than you imagine so make sure that none of them are forgotten. The itpilot® service list is constantly being expanded to include industry-specific IT services.

Track the status of your digitization with regular IT inventory

From assessment to assessment you can understand how your IT services have developed and where you stand on your digital journey, what you have already achieved and what IT potential you can still exploit.

Structure with itpilot® IT and document the IT construction plan – this is how it works

1. Free itpilot® test access request

2. Enter your company’s master data in itpilot®

3. First entry of your IT services in itpilot® (time required: approx. 2 hours)

4. If necessary: Request itpilot® support

5. IT service list as a blueprint for your IT

6. Documentation of your digitization progress

7. Use IT structuring with the itpilot® methodology: