Standardized IT modeling with the itpilot® web application

Structured analysis and IT modeling with comprehensive analysis and export functions

The web-based application itpilot® with simple operation and an intuitive user interface was developed from experience in many customer projects. In this way, you can quickly create your own IT structure for your IT modeling and generate meaningful IT key figures .

itpilot® offers numerous evaluation and export functions for your IT status quo , for the optimization and further development of your IT with a detailed IT action plan and for your IT benchmarking .

Quickly create your own IT structure and generate useful IT key figures

  • With itpilot® you can create any number of your own locations and, if necessary, create your own access data for them.
  • Approximately 250 IT services with all important attributes for IT modeling are currently available.
  • The most important basic information of the VMWare servers can be imported and easily and conveniently assigned to the respective IT services in itpilot®.
  • The responsibilities of internal and external IT employees can be assigned to the IT services and show at a glance who is responsible for what in IT.
  • The interdependencies between the individual IT services are pre- planned in the system and are clearly displayed in meaningful diagrams.
  • In addition to the overall overview of the company infrastructure, there is also a view of the dependencies per IT service
  • Reports and charts can be exported as PDFs for management reports, for example, or in Excel for further processing.
  • Any number of assessments (service sets) can be created in the premium version