With itpilot® IT structure and IT key figures also for medium-sized companies

With the meaningful IT metrics of the web-based application itpilot, companies can calculate their IT costs and measure their IT efficiency. In this way effective IT controlling and the control of IT’s contribution to added value is made possible.

itpilot® delivers important evaluations and management reports, creates the basis for the strategic further development of IT and for business decisions.

It’s best to get started right away: Simply register and select relevant IT services and enter relevant data for each IT service!

“Keep it simple” the itpilot® methodology in six steps:

1. Record IT services: Modeling the entire IT using IT services

2. Analyze IT services: Determine attributes and assign key figures

3. Define the need for action: Make an assessment and develop an IT action plan

4. Use extensive evaluations: Generate meaningful management reports

5. resources manage: Determine competencies and responsibilities

6. Make strategic decisions with accuracy: e.g. cloud or not cloud?