Recognize critical dependencies of IT services and use them for reliable IT operations and strategic IT planning

For IT operations and IT planning, it is essential not just to have a complete overview of all IT services in the form of a standardized IT service list in the company. In addition, it is important to know the IT interdependencies of the IT services.

With itpilot® you can display your IT dependencies and identify critical IT services. In this way, you can develop sensible solutions with regard to your overall IT and limit the potential risks for the company’s IT.

Modeling the IT landscape: a holistic view of corporate IT and its dependencies

itpilot® shows the interrelationships of all your IT services at a glance, and makes apparent which other applications or IT services your critical applications depend on, what consequences their failure has and what maximum tolerable downtimes can be supported.

The most important dependencies have already been analyzed and predicted for you in itpilot®. Meaningful diagrams show at a glance which your central services are and where bottlenecks can arise.

Structure IT with itpilot® and document the IT dependencies – this is how it works

1. Request free itpilot® test access

2. Enter your company’s master data in itpilot®

3. First entry of your IT services in itpilot® (time required: approx. 2 hours)

4. If necessary: request itpilot® support

5. IT service list with IT dependency diagram for;

IT action plan
IT resources
IT emergency concept
IT costs