IT responsibility matrix including all IT resources and IT tasks

IT responsibility matrix with all IT resources and IT tasks

With the allocation of IT resources, i.e. all internal and external personnel resources, to the individual IT services, transparency is created about the use and responsibilities of the individual employees.

Resource planning with itpilot® complements the standardized IT service list useful for recording and documenting all activities within IT.

Maintain an overview of your IT resources: who does what and what are their responsibilities?

itpilot® shows at a glance who is responsible for which IT services, and which tasks have been assigned to them. Decisions about the distribution of work or additional personnel, or cooperation with an external service provider, can thus be made on a well-founded basis.

Maintain an overview of your IT resources with itpilot® – this is how it works

1. Request free itpilot® test access

2. Enter your company’s master data in itpilot®

3. First entry of your IT services in itpilot® (time required: approx. 2 hours)

4. If necessary: Request itpilot® support

5. IT service list with allocation of IT resources and IT tasks for:

IT action plan
IT emergency concept
IT costs
IT dependencies