RevDocs: Addon for IT documentation with itpilot

14 August 2023, admin

To ensure the smooth operation and efficiency of IT systems, comprehensive documentation is essential. But this is precisely where the challenge lies: the structure of this documentation is often nested and does not follow a uniform standard. Employees have to click through countless subfolders to find the information they are looking for. A tedious and time-consuming task that wastes valuable resources.

RevDocs is the solution IT departments have been waiting for. As a new addon for itpilot, the leading IT documentation solution, RevDocs revolutionizes the way IT documentation is handled. It simplifies and streamlines the way information is presented, making it easily accessible and clear to technicians and staff.

The challenge of traditional IT documentation

IT documentation in companies is often organized in nested folder structures. Each department, project and application has its own subfolders, resulting in a confusing and complex information landscape. This unstructured chaos makes it difficult to quickly access relevant information when it is urgently needed. Employees often spend valuable time fighting their way through the ramifications of the folder hierarchy instead of working productively on their actual tasks.

The solution: RevDocs

RevDocs provides a remedy here and brings order to the IT documentation mess. With its unique functionality, RevDocs transforms the nested folder structure into a well-structured and "scrollable" document. This means that all relevant information is presented on one page without the user having to navigate through various subfolders. The time of cumbersome clicking is thus a thing of the past.

RevDocs is based on the proven itpilot method, which means that all customer documentation follows a uniform structure. This not only ensures greater clarity and transparency, but also enables employees to find their way around the documentation more quickly. Important information is now just a mouse click away.

Versatility and lightness

RevDocs is a versatile tool that can easily display texts, images and documents. It allows users to easily update and add to their documentation without losing focus. RevDocs' intuitive user interface makes it easy for even less tech-savvy employees to navigate documentation and find relevant information.


RevDocs is undoubtedly the solution that revolutionizes the way we deal with IT documentation. The simplification of the structure and the "scrollable" presentation make it an indispensable tool for companies of any size. Orientation to the itpilot method facilitates collaboration between IT teams and increases productivity. Thanks to RevDocs, organizations now have the ability to manage their IT documentation more efficiently and effectively, resulting in overall improved IT department performance.