The challenge

Every company must create comprehensive documentation of its IT systems. The resulting structure is often complex and does not follow a uniform standard. When searching for information, the employee often has to click through subfolders.

The solution

With RevDocs you turn a nested folder structure into a document that becomes “scrollable” and readable in one piece. By following the itpilot method, all your customer documentation follows a consistent structure. RevDocs can display and easily add texts, images and documents. Information becomes more accessible and findable for your technicians.

Rollout in six steps

  1. License the RevDocs App via itpilot: Contact your itpilot contact for licensing and activation of the RevDocs App.
  2. For each service, document the relevant information incl. Additional documents: Enter only the information relevant to the service at this point (preferably in MarkDown format) and store accompanying images and documents at the same place.
  3. Organize the file system according to the classic itpilot structure: Create a folder hierarchy for each customer according to service numbers (e.g. “S001 Active Directory” etc.) with the services to be documented for the customer.
  4. Adapt the RevDocs style sheet to the CI: RevDocs uses a style sheet file for the generated HTML files, in which you can store the CI (company logo, colors, fonts).
  5. Install a web server: In order to have comfortable access to the generated documentation and to be able to use all navigation functions, the data should be published via a web server.
  6. Enable Windows task scheduling for regular automatic documentation creation: depending on the task scheduling setting, RevDocs will update documentation at the specified times in the future and create complete, contiguous HTML files at a selected destination that can be viewed using a browser or, preferably, a web server.